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Library of the Nuova Fondazione Rossana e Carlo Pedretti

Via Sambarontana, 79-81 - 51035 Lamporecchio (PT)
+39 057382146
The Library is currently undergoing cataloging; by appointment, it is possible to inspect the titles already processed.

The Library is open to scholars and university students. For the latter, a letter of introduction from the faculty or educational insitution attended is requested. Services: orientation, consultation, photocopying. In-library consultation only (no loans).

The Library, currently in the process of being cataloged online, consists of the bibliographic patrimony assembled by Professor Carlo Pedretti (1928-2018) spanning the years of his scholarly activity. It includes, moreover, a copy of all texts published by Pedretti, more than one thousand documents: articles, essays, monographs, reviews and pamphlets. A notable particularity of the major part of this Library's holdings are the notes in Pedretti's hand appearing in many of the volumes he acquired: reader's notes, marginal notes, bookmarks, contextual notes, among other examples. For this reason the Nuova Fondazione Carlo and Rosanna Pedretti has chosen to catalog the Library's holdings, highlighting these annotations by means of adding copy/version ID notes appearing in the pertinent bibliographic records.
The Library's patrimony consists of ca. 15,000 volumes ranging from the old and rare to modern publications. Included is the complete "Edizione Nazionale dei Manoscritti e Disegni di Leonardo da Vinci" as well as numerous monographs devoted to various disciplinary areas of scholarship closely connected to the many-faceted activities of Leonardo da Vinci.

Library of the Nuova Fondazione Rossana e Carlo Pedretti